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    "Our bodies are smarter than we will ever be.

    It just takes listening to its whispers before they turn into screams"

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    Yoga is for Everyone

    • Relaxed and friendly environment for practice and learning 
    • Team of dedicated and experienced teachers
    • Classes to suit all ages and abilities 
    • Beginners, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Power
    • Prenatal & Postnatal Mum & Baby 
    • Kids & Teen Yoga
    • Workshops 
    • One to one sessions
    • Corporate outreach classes
    All equipment is provided, including mats

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  • Pricing



    Our 4, 6 or 10 class block covers any class, any time.

  • Prenatal Yoga

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    Pregnancy Yoga

    The intention of pregnancy yoga is to offer a little piece of sanctuary to you during your pregnancy. Classes are suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Classes run in 4 week rolling blocks so you can attend at any time after 12 weeks, and continue to attend throughout your pregnancy.


    Mats, blankets and bolsters are provided by the studio.

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    What to expect

    In each class you will move the body through asanas (postures) and explore breathwork and relaxation tools to help relax and calm the mind. Classes include:

    • Yoga and breathwork to support common symptoms of pregnancy such as - heartburn, leg cramps, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain (PGP) and separation of abdominal  muscles
    • Yoga postures to build body awareness, strength, flexibility and stability to help support the physical changes of pregnancy, preparing for birth and beyond
    • Pelvic floor movements to support in pregnancy, birth and post natal healing
    • Breathing and visualisation techniques to assist in birth and to support mind body relaxation
    • Informal discussion and the opportunity to chat and share your experiences with other women in the class in a supportive, safe environment. 
  • Mum & Baby Yoga

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    Mum and Baby Yoga is a great way to strengthen and nurture yourself after your child's birth and take time out for yourself in the company of your little one. Mum and Baby Yoga incorporates stretches and yoga poses for your baby followed by breath relaxation techniques and focused yoga postures for yourself whilst interacting with your baby. The benefits include strengthening the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and improve overall posture and release tension in the neck and shoulders.


    Relaxing breathing techniques can help to centre yourself and promote calmness and de-stressing.


    Mum and Baby Yoga is a great class to relax and unwind from your week and also a lovely way to meet other new mums and babies.


    This class is suitable for mums with babies aged 6 weeks to one year.


    4 week pass £36 / £10 drop-in class

  • Kids Yoga

    Introduce your little one to yoga in a fun and creative way! Children will learn flexibility, strength, coordination, balance & body awareness.


    Practising yoga will build their self-confidence, self-discipline, concentration and creativity.


    We have classes on every Friday and your first class is free so why not pop down and let them try it out!


    Click play to check the kids yoga in action.

  • Our Teachers

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    Karen Gillon

    I believe yoga is for everyone, and is so much more than the physical aspect. The afterglow.. the natural high...the fresh source of energy that lingers after practice feels so good! I truly believe everyone can benefit from a regular yoga practice. And yes, yoga helps with strength, flexibility and mobility, however the magic of yoga is in uncovering, unravelling and understanding yourself.


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    Kat Scott

    l love helping people to learn more about themselves and about the practice of yoga, combining self awareness and compassion with the ancient teachings of this lineage.

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    Clara Pelica

    Having practised varying styles over the years years, I found my love for traditional Hatha Yoga, in particular the Sivananda Lineage. I am passionate about exploring the relationship between the breath and postures. I enjoy being creative and love exploring postures in a playful way.

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    Alis Atagan

    Yoga has helped me through difficult times, to manage my anxiety and has taught me how to love my body. I love that I get to share my passion with students, and offer them tools to manage day to day life.

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    Tara Khoury

    I love teaching kids yoga. Classes are fun and creative with breath work to help energise, relax and calm. Yoga journeys are allowing children to nourish their creativity using movement in their body to tell a story.

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    Kirsten Waugh

    I find teaching yoga incredibly rewarding. I get to meet so many nice people and really do believe there’s a style of yoga to suit everyone, regardless of age or ability.

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    Vanessa Rigby

    I have committed Ashtanga Mysore practice, which greatly influences my style of teaching. I encourage students to listen to their bodies finding that right balance of challenge and kindness to ones-self both on and off the mat. My passion for yoga inspires continuous learning.

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    Lynsey McKenzie

    The practice of yoga and meditation have the power to transform lives. My teaching style is nurturing and supportive with a strong sense of alignment and power of the breath combined with slow, controlled movement.

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    Elaine Purnell

    If you are looking for a calmer mind and a stronger more flexible body then yoga is for you. I have practised yoga most of my adult life experimenting with many different styles. I particularly like to teach a traditional Hatha practice with an emphasis on flow, closing with yin and restorative postures. My classes are warm and encouraging with a friendly vibe.

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    Carolyn Mason

    Everyone can benefit from yoga practice. I love to see people leave the studio happier, more relaxed, more aligned, less stressed and with a greater freedom of movement and vitality than when they arrived. There is something very intuitive about yoga, it is wonderful to see the positive changes it can bring. I love seeing the progress students make and the positive impact it has on themselves and their lives - and that is why I love teaching Yoga!

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    Tara Klein

    I really enjoy teaching students how to use poses to get into their bodies. My constantly evolving teaching style is breath and alignment orientated with sequences designed to safely bring students into poses practising intelligently rather than randomly. I offer a 4 week Beginners Course, focused on key concepts and themes that form the essence of a strong and sustainable yoga practice

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